Grand Final Ticketing

Hawthorn Football Club will communicate information relating to the Grand Final to members once arrangements are finalised should Hawthorn be participating in finals. This will include information regarding accessing a Grand Final ticket.

This information will be communicated via email and on

It is the responsibility of the member to ensure that their contact information is correct and that they have familiarized themselves with this information.

Those members with Priority/Guaranteed Access as listed below will be required to follow the appropriate procedures as communicated by the club to secure their ticket.

Members who do not follow the procedure as outlined by the club will forfeit their right to access a ticket. Grand Final tickets for participating clubs are limited and allocation is determined by a priority listing.

The order of priority for those members who hold a home game or home-and-away game membership is as follows:

  • Priority One ‘First Allocation’ (Guaranteed): Lethal Club, Tassie Lethal Club and Legends Club members
  • Priority One (Guaranteed): Kennedy Club, Gold Reserved Seat, Interstate Gold, Tassie Gold, Dunstall Club Gold and Ponsford Gold members
  • Priority Two (Ballot): Silver Reserved Seat, Dunstall Club, Ponsford, Interstate Silver and MCC Hawk members.

Priority One (first allocation) and Priority One members are guaranteed a Grand Final ticket when Hawthorn Football Club participates, provided they register for a ticket during the allocated time as per ticketing instructions. While Priority One ‘first allocation’ and Priority One members are guaranteed a Grand Final ticket according to procedure, they are not guaranteed a Premium seat allocation for the Grand Final, regardless of seat allocation throughout the Home & Away season.

To be eligible for a Grand Final ticket, you must join as a member prior to 31 July 2024.

All other members are not eligible to purchase a Grand Final ticket through the Hawthorn Football Club Grand Final Registration.

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