2024 Membership Terms and Conditions

As a member of Hawthorn FC, you are bound by the Member Code of Conduct (as amended from time to time) and you undertake that you will always comply with the Member Code of Conduct.

Hawthorn FC may from time to time vary the terms and conditions of Hawthorn FC membership. Hawthorn FC will communicate any changes to its terms and conditions of membership via the Hawthorn FC website or via email. Members will have no claim against the Hawthorn FC by reason of any change made to the terms and conditions of Hawthorn FC membership.

(a) The membership card, in the form of both a digital or physical card, remains the property of Hawthorn FC. Membership cards may not be sold, exploited for commercial use, or used for promotional purposes or campaigns without the express written permission of Hawthorn FC. If Hawthorn FC is made aware that a member has sold their membership to another individual, Hawthorn FC reserves the right to place an indefinite block on the barcode to prevent any further use.

(b) General admission access to matches is not guaranteed. Access is subject to capacity, and you are encouraged to reserve a seat to guarantee entry, particularly at high demand matches. Members will be required to pay additional fees and charges when reserving a seat. Access may be gained to unreserved seating on a first-come, first served basis subject to availability. In 2024, barcoded physical cards will be sent to all members with access to the MCG, Marvel Stadium and UTAS Stadium. If members do not wish to receive a physical card and would like to go digital only, they will be able to opt out of a physical card.

(c) Hawthorn FC home games are designated at the discretion of the AFL, and any game that is promoted as such is included in a home game membership.

(d) Priority 1 members (Lethal Club, Tassie Lethal Club, Legends Club, Kennedy Club, Gold Reserved Seat, Interstate Gold, Dunstall Club Gold, Ponsford Gold and Tassie Gold) from 2023 have priority to renew their current membership and reserved seat (if applicable) for the 2024 season until 31 October 2023. After this date, these memberships and applicable reserved seats cannot be guaranteed.

Priority 2 members (Silver Reserved Seat, Captain's Club, Hudson Club, Eade Wing and Pritchard Pocket) from 2023 have priority to renew their current membership and reserved seat for the 2024 season until 6 December 2023. After this date, these reserved seats cannot be guaranteed.

Members who cancelled their reserved seat in 2023 will need to re-apply for their reserved seat.

(e) If Hawthorn FC is unable to meet your request for membership category or seating allocation after a purchase has been made, we will contact you to discuss further options. If a request for a membership category or specific reserved seat cannot be met, Hawthorn FC will honour a refund.

(f) Membership Category Qualifications

  • Concession: To qualify for a concession membership, you must be the holder of one of the following forms of identification and must produce identification at the point of entry into an AFL venue while using your membership to gain entry: Centrelink issued Pensioner Concession Card (PCC), Department of Veterans' Affairs card or Department of Veterans' Affairs issued Pensioner Concession Card, Full time secondary or tertiary student cards or Centrelink issued Health Care Card (HCC)
  • Baby: Under the age of 2 as of 1 January 2024
  • Toddler: Under the age of 4 as of 1 January 2024
  • Youth: Under the age of 18 but over the age of 15 as of 1 January 2024 (Must hold a student card)
  • Junior: Under the age of 15 as of 1 January 2024
  • Family: Two adults and up to four juniors, under the age of 15 as of 1 January 2024

(g) Access to MCG member rooms including the Miller Room (Lethal Club, Legends Club) and Lindsay Hassett Room (Lethal Club, Legends Club and Kennedy Club members) on match day will be solely through the presentation of your 2024 digital or physical membership card. If you cannot produce your 2024 physical or digital membership card, you will not be granted admittance.

(h) The club cannot accept responsibility whatsoever for membership cards that are lost, stolen or destroyed. Lost membership cards should be reported immediately to the Membership department on 1300 042 957. Upon written confirmation that the card has been lost, a replacement membership card will be issued. Cards cannot be replaced on game day; however, you can access your digital membership card via our app.

(i) Any member seeking a cancellation and refund must do so by calling the Membership department on (03) 9535 3045 during office hours. Please note that a refund cannot be guaranteed and is processed at the discretion of Hawthorn FC management. If the membership has been fulfilled, then any member seeking a cancellation and refund will incur a $25 administration fee for a single membership and a $50 administration fee for a family membership to cover third party costs. No refunds will be provided due to change of mind once the season begins.

(j) Members are required to notify the club of any change in circumstances, including the issuing or withdrawal of concession status; member contact details; or any relevant information that could affect their membership of the Hawthorn FC.

(k) Physical membership cards for all AFL access members will return for 2024. All members will be issued a barcoded physical card which can be used to scan into AFL games. Members wishing to opt out of receiving a physical card will need to do so by either contacting the Membership team or by completing the online form via their MyHawks account.

(l) In 2024, members will receive a HawksNest voucher as part of their membership which can be used instore or online (excludes Baby Hawk, Toddler Hawk, Box Hill, AFLW, Friends of the Hawks Museum and TAS Student memberships). Vouchers will expire on the 31 October 2024. Please read further information regarding your HawksNest vouchers here.

(m) Seating areas at the MCG and UTAS Stadium are subject to change, these are made upon consultation with the venue. The club will endeavour to advise all members of these changes.

(n) All Hawks Heroes Premium, Baby Hawk and Toddler Hawk members will receive a birthday card within two weeks of their birth dates registered with the club. The birthday card promotion for 2024 members will run from 2 November 2023 to 31 October 2024.

(o) Baby Hawk and Toddler Hawk members will not receive admission into Hawthorn games as part of their membership, therefore a barcode will not be issued.

(p) If a member holds a state issued Companion card, the member is eligible to receive a second membership of the same category as they purchase, at no charge. This membership can then be used by a carer when attending football matches with the member. Excludes non-access memberships and digital memberships.

(q) Your Hawthorn membership benefits will be available to you from the date of your first membership payment, until 31 October 2024. Membership prices are fixed for the season and will not change based on when you sign up for a membership.

(r) Any member who does not renew their membership will lose their consecutive years of membership with Hawthorn FC. A member may apply to have their consecutive years reinstated when renewing their membership for the following year, however, a $35 lapse fee will be incurred. This is not guaranteed, and the final decision will be made by Hawthorn FC management.

(s) As a 2024 member, you will receive a 10% discount on any full price merchandise purchase. This discount will not apply to sale items or any other offers and promotions.

(t) Hawks members are eligible for a Bring a Friend for Free ticket to one MCG home game of their choice, subject to availability. The ticket must be organised before the relevant cut-off date for each game. This can be organised through your MyHawks account, sending an email to membership@hawthornfc.com.au and calling (03) 9535 3045. Please note that this free ticket provides general admission access ONLY and cannot be upgraded to a reserved seat.

(u) From time-to-time members may be given a free membership upgrade or discount on their membership. Upgrades and discounts are strictly a once off and applied at the discretion of the management. All upgraded and discounted memberships will roll-over at the full price the following season.

(v) Provision of Temporary or Honorary Benefits: If you opt not to renew your membership, the club may grant you temporary or honorary membership benefits for future seasons. Such benefits are typically extended as the season draws to a close. The particulars of these benefits, while subject to alteration, will inherently be of a limited nature. The scope of these benefits will be defined by the club and may encompass a range of privileges. Eligibility for temporary or honorary membership benefits will be determined by the club based on its discretion. Meeting certain criteria may be a prerequisite for such benefits. Should you qualify for temporary or honorary membership benefits, the primary mode of communication will be through email correspondence. It is imperative to maintain an up-to-date and valid email address to receive pertinent notifications. By engaging in the purchase of a 2024 membership, you acknowledge your understanding and acceptance of these terms regarding the potential provision of temporary or honorary membership benefits for subsequent seasons, contingent upon non-renewal. The club retains the right to adjust the nature, extent, and criteria of these benefits in accordance with its policies.

(w) $1 Ponsford Membership offer will roll-over after 1st May at a discounted price of $295 for an adult (other prices will vary pending product type) unless opted out prior. Once purchased, $1 payment is not refundable. Ponsford Membership will roll-over for the 2025 season at full Ponsford price unless opted out prior to the 2025 Membership Renewals period.

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