Cheersquad Guidelines

The Hawthorn Cheersquad have an important role to play, to ensure our brown and gold army are loud and proud each week! Browse our cheersquad memberships here.


At all times, Hawthorn Cheersquad members are representing the club and must abide by AFL, club and stadium management regulations.

The Hawthorn Football Club has the right to suspend or expel Cheersquad members that do not abide by the rules and regulations outlined in this booklet, or who are believed to provide a poor representation of the club.


The following guidelines are set by the AFL to ensure everyone is aware of acceptable behaviour.

  • Abusive, insulting and threatening language will not be tolerated, and offenders will be evicted
  • No anti-social behaviour
  • No alcohol in the designated Cheersquad Area
  • No offensive or derogatory banners or signs
  • No standing on the seat
  • The minimum age of Cheersquad members who have stadium ground access is 16 years of age


  • All Hawthorn Cheersquad members must be financial members of the Hawthorn Football Club.
  • All members who wish to access a ticket to an interstate match or finals match must have a Hawthorn Football Club home game membership at a minimum.
  • Members who wish to attend an away game in Melbourne and do not hold a Home and Away game membership will be required to upgrade their membership. As a cheersquad member it is your responsibility to encourage our team to great heights by cheering the team on until the final siren, win, lose or draw.
  • Hawthorn Football Club will not be liable for any personal belongings lost, damaged or stolen.
  • All Cheersquad members must abide by the Hawthorn Football Club Member code of conduct list on the next page.
  • Discriminatory, abusive, insulting, threatening and hurtful remarks posted on any social media platform, whether it is your own personal social media, Hawthorn supporter pages or the Cheersquad Social media page is not permitted.
  • All Hawthorn Cheersquad members must abide by the AFL guidelines listed above.
  • The above rules and regulations will be enforced on a ‘no tolerance’ basis. Any breach will be followed up by the club and could lead to suspension or termination of your Cheersquad and Hawthorn Football Club membership.

As a Hawthorn Football Club member, you must abide our member terms and conditions and code of conduct.


Members will be able to scan their physical or digital membership cards at the gates and head to the designated cheersquad bay on match-days.

For MCG home games, the Hawthorn Cheersquad will be located in M3.

Cheersquad members are encouraged to use any equipment that has been laid out by our committee prior to the match. If any equipment is damaged, please report this to the cheersquad committee so that it can be fixed.


Ticketing procedures are subject to change in 2024 and members will be sent communication on how to attend games.


Banner making will take place most Friday's throughout the season. Katelyn Gorman will confirm details weekly via email.

For any enquiries regarding the cheersquad, please contact the Membership Department.

Phone: 1 3000 HAWKS (42957)


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