Marvel Home Game

To ensure that stadium guidelines are met, members will not be able to scan their membership card to access our Marvel Stadium home game. Members must redeem their complimentary ticket during the ticketing period if they would like to attend the match.

Members have been allocated a ticketing group, as per the table below, to ensure that they are allocated into the right seating areas for each match.

Membership Type Grouping Seating access Price you pay
Lethal, Legends and Kennedy Club 1 Level 1, 2, & 3 $0
Gold and Silver 1 Level 1 & 3 $0
Dunstall Club and Dunstall Club Gold (Silk400 for Round 16 only) 2 Level 1, 2 (Goals) & 3 $0
General Admission 3 Level 3 $0 or reserved seat upgrade if available

The above table is only relevant for our Marvel home games for our Hawks members. Please refer to the links below for ticketing groups for other games:

Please click here for a full list of our Ticketing FAQ's.