Toddler Hawk

They’re never too young to be a member of the Mighty Hawks! Our Toddler Hawk is perfect for little ones. Also a fantastic gift for a relative or family friend.

Package Inclusions

Toddler Hawk Loyalty Scarf

Toddler Hawk Jigsaw Puzzle

Toddler Hawk Footy

Personalized Birthday Card#

10% discount all year at HawksNest**

Access to Hawthorn's Member Rewards program

Terms and Conditions
#DOB must be supplied
**Terms and conditions apply
Toddlers must be under the age of 4 as of 01/01/2021
Please note that due to COVID-19, some of the benefits outlined may be affected. Please refer to our membership terms and conditions for further information.
Monthly Yearly
Toddler $5.50 $55