Due to capacity restrictions in stadiums, cheersquad members will not be able to use their cheersquad membership card to access the cheersquad bay. They will be required to register for a ticket through the club. Should the number of registrations exceed the number of tickets available, we will need to go to a ballot.

Due to capacity restrictions at stadiums this year, we are also unable to offer guest tickets to cheersquad members.

Cheersquad members will receive an email from the club with information on how to register to sit in the Cheersquad bay for our matches. Keep an eye on your inbox!

Please read the information below carefully before submitting your ballot registration:

  1. Cheersquad members who wish to sit with other Cheersquad members must consult their group and nominate a group organiser.
  2. The group organiser is to complete the registration form on behalf of all members they are sitting with. No other group members are to submit a registration.
  3. Please ensure you have your 12-digit barcode number and the barcode numbers of all members you are booking for.
  4. Only Cheersquad members can be added to your registration form. Any non-Cheersquad members added to your form, may result in your submission being void.
  5. Group sizes are a maximum of 6 members per group.
  6. Do not rush your registration entry! Make sure the information is correct prior to submitting as errors will make your registration void.
  7. Submissions are final and cannot be changed.
  8. For away games, only members with away game entitlements will be eligible for a ticket. If you try and book for this game and do not have an away game membership – your submission will be void.
  9. Should we need to go to a ballot, Cheersquad Gold members will have priority access to tickets.
  10. Should we be required to go to a ballot, members will be notified prior to the member ticketing redemption date so that you have the opportunity to redeem a ticket during that time.
  11. Registrations must be entered prior to the closing date. No registrations will be accepted after this time and there will be no waitlist.

Due to the limited number of tickets available, members must only book for games you are able to attend. Tickets cannot be returned to the club. Please do not book if you cannot attend otherwise your fellow Cheersquad members may miss out!