All for One Member Recognition Draw Winners

Congratulations to the following winners below on winning a AFL Signed Hawthorn Guernsey or AFL Signed Football:

  1. Sean S, WA
  2. Tahlia P, VIC
  3. Owen M, VIC
  4. Elizabeth A, TAS
  5. Thomas L, VIC
  6. Benjamin L, VIC
  7. Kellie H, NT
  8. Noah F, VIC
  9. Maxx W, VIC
  10. Darren R, SA
  11. Nick B, QLD
  12. Ruben S, VIC
  13. Brett C, NSW
  14. Kate A, VIC
  15. Thomas M, ACT
  16. Kate G, VIC
  17. Damien C, VIC
  18. Maura C, VIC
  19. Chloe M, VIC
  20. Alana J, VIC

Winners will be contacted and sent items in the upcoming weeks.

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