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Hawks Flexi

Hawks Flexi 
Hawks Flexi members will be given exclusive access to reserved seats in Hawthorn’s dedicated Flexi seating area (M1- M3) for each MCG home game.
Hawks Flexi members have 2 options on how they choose to attend
  1. Reserve seats through Ticketek (best seats in M1- M3 are allocated to these members)
  2. Walk-up on game day into our Hawks Flexi bays
Both options allow you to purchase guest passes so you can bring your family and friends. 
Hawks Flexi FAQ's
I'm a Silver member sitting in M1-M3. What does this mean for me?
  • You have been reclassed to a Hawks Flexi member. This means you are no longer allocated a specific seat in M1-M3 and you can utilise the benefits of Hawks Flexi listed above.
I'm a Priority One member sitting in M1-M3. What does this mean for me?
  • This area has been reclassfied to a Hawks Flexi bay. Hawks Flexi does not come with a Priority One option. You have been invoiced for your Priority One membership and we will re-allocate your seat in another area.
Why has this area been reclassfied as Hawks Flexi?
  • In recent years, Hawthorn has experienced significant decline in Silver membership. Research has suggested a number of reasons why members are turning away from Silver;
    • Member show rate is poor, leading to poor member experiences and atmosphere
    • Reserved seat holders cannot bring guests into seating area
    • Promotions such as 'Bring a Friend for Free' are irrelevant for seat holders 
Were members consulted before the change?
  • In August, the club consulted with a membership working group made up of members with various membership types and demographics. The club also conducted a focus group with members currently seated in M1- M3. On the back of this consultation, Hawthorn Football Club is excited to introduce Hawks Flexi.
How does Hawks Flexi compare to Silver?
  Silver Hawks Flexi
Adult price $339 $270
Ability to bring guest NO YES
Reserved seat Same seat for each match Access to pre-book through Ticketek or walk-up
Grand Final priority Priority 2 Priority 2
Membership kit including Member Choice item (scarf or cap) YES YES
Access to replacement games GA access GA access
Additional booking fees NIL Ticket fee applies (approx. $2.80)
Is M1 still a dry bay?
  • No. M3 will now be a dry bay. The cheersquad is already a dry bay, so we have decided to make the entire bay a dry area.
How do I book seats for home matches with Hawks Flexi?
  • Tickets will go on-sale for the 2018 season in the new year. Once they are on-sale you can book tickets through Ticketek.
Do I have to pay a booking fee?
  • Yes. A ticket fee of approximately $2.80 will apply.
Can I buy guest tickets in the Hawks Flexi area?
  • Yes. You will be able to buy a nominated number of guest tickets per barcode in the Hawks Flexi area for each home game at the MCG.
Do I have to reserve seats through Ticketek or can I walk up on matchday into this area?
  • Reserving your seat online allows you to choose your seat and guarantees your entry. If you decide to show up to the match without pre-booking a ticket, you can walk up into our Hawks Flexi bay however this will be subject to availability.
What access do I receive for replacement games with Hawks Flexi?
  • You receive GA access to replacement games.