Recruit a Hawk

Hawks Members! We want to reward you and a friend for helping us grow our brown and gold family.

Recruit a Hawk and you will receive a double pass to the movies via Village Cinemas. The new member will also receive one month free from their membership.

If you have recruited a new Hawks member and they joined after 18 April 2021 please contact Hawthorn Membership on 1 3000 HAWKS (42957) to redeem your movie vouchers.

Terms and Conditions

Those who recruit a family will receive 4 Village Movie Vouchers

To be eligible, new members must not hold a 2021 membership and not have been a member in 2020.

New members must join Hawks Direct payment plan

Recruiters must hold a 2021 membership and be up to date with their payments.

If the new member/s join on our Upfront payment plan, they will receive 10% off their total membership. If new member/s join our monthly payment plan they will receive one month free (total 10 monthly payments)

Membership Terms and Conditions apply