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Frequently Asked Questions

Ponsford Stand Flexi Membership

How will my seat be allocated for home games at the MCG?

In order to reserve your seat for each home game at the MCG, you will need to visit and select the relevant match.

When available, under each match there will be ticket option titled Ponsford Stand Flexi. To reserve your seat, you need to enter the 12-digit membership barcode located on your 2018 membership card/s. Ponsford Stand Flexi members will not be charged to have their seat allocated in this area, however guests will be required to pay a nominated cost. Transaction fees will apply per transaction.

Once you have purchased or redeemed your ticket/s, you will be allocated a reserved seat ticket which you will need to use to gain access to the venue. At this point the barcode on your membership card will become inactive for that match. Ponsford Stand Flexi members will not be charged to have their seat reserved in this area however there will be a nominated transaction fee. Guests will be required to pay all nominated costs.


Can I scan my membership card and access Level 2 of the Ponsford Stand without booking through Ticketek?

No. The only way to access Level 2 is by securing your seat through Ticketek in the process listed above. Your membership card will not give you access to the Ponsford Stand Flexi seating area.


How do I purchase a guest pass so a family member, friend or Hawks member can sit with me?

Complete the process listed on your instructional letter in 'how will my seat will be allocated'. During the process you will be able to purchase any additional guest tickets at a nominated cost.


How much will it cost to upgrade a ticket for my friend or Hawks member?

Ticket prices vary from game to game and will be available through in early 2018.


Is there a chance I will miss out on a seat in this area if I’m too late?

Seating is available on a first-in basis until exhausted, meaning we advise members to reserve their seat early to avoid disappointment.

Should seating not become exhausted, a deadline will apply for each match at 5pm Wednesday prior to each match

After the deadline has passed there may be a limited number of seats made available however this cannot be guaranteed. If you are unable to access this area of seating, you can still enter the venue as a General Admission patron, or alternatively upgrade to a reserved seat at the member upgrade price.


I currently have a reserved seating membership at the MCG, can I change to a Ponsford Stand Flexi membership?

Yes. Call the Membership department on 1 3000 HAWKS (42957). By changing your membership, the following changes will be made:

  • If applicable, you will lose your ability to register for a Toyota AFL Grand Final ticket should Hawthorn compete. The Ponsford Stand Flexi membership does not have this entitlement.
  • Your existing membership card will be cancelled and your existing seat will be reallocated to another member.


What if there are no seats available when I go to reserve them?

The seats are available on a first-in basis for all home games in Melbourne. Only Ponsford Stand Flexi members and their guests can access this seating area and we recommend securing your seats as early as possible for each match to avoid disappointment.


Is this a Hawthorn members-only area or will opposition supporters be allowed in there too?

This is a Hawthorn member's area, however as Ponsford Stand Flexi members have the provision to purchase guest passes for each match, there may be opposition supporters in this area.


Can I sit in the same seat each match?

The seats for each match are allocated by the ticketing agent and are allocated on a bay-by-bay basis. You cannot request a specific seat within this section. Where your seat is located will depend on where tickets are allocating at the time therefore we cannot guarantee the same seat will be allocated.


The Dean Jones Bar is behind these seats. Do I get access to this bar?

Your membership will get you access to this bar facility but only if you have been allocated a reserved seat on Level 2 of the Ponsford Stand for that match. If you choose to use your membership as general admission, your membership card will not provide you with access to Level 2 of the Ponsford Stand.


Do I have to sit in this area every week? Can I sit down the other end too?

No you don't have to sit in this section for each home game. You can choose to use your membership as general admission and scan it through the turnstile on a match-day. Only reserved seat allocations within the Ponsford Stand Flexi allocation will not incur a cost to Ponsford Stand Flexi members (transaction fees excepted).


What if we play a home game against Collingwood at the MCG? Will I still get access to Level 2 of the Ponsford Stand

If we are fixtured to play a hoke game at the MCG against Collingwood in 2018, members will have general admission access to this game and will not be able to redeem a seat in the Ponsford Stand. 

Membership Card & Packs

What do I get with my membership?

Membership packages include a membership card, membership kit items and any specific benefits listed on your specific membership. You also get access to a 10% discount for merchandise purchased from the Club’s HawksNest outlets and special offers from the Club, from time to time. Individual items in membership packages change from year to year and junior membership packages always contain exciting items for our youngest members! Please refer to the detailed membership packages outlined on the website and in membership brochures for more information.


How many children can be on my family membership?

Hawthorn is one of the only Clubs in the AFL to offer a family membership consisting of two adults and up to four children under the age of 15 (as at 1 January 2018).


Why has my 16 year old child been removed from my family membership?

Under AFL regulations, once a child turns 15, they are no longer considered to be a junior member. The date is relevant as of January 1 each year. For the 2018 season, any child born before 1/1/2003 is no longer considered a junior member. Hawthorn introduced a Youth membership option to ease the pressure on families when a child transitions out of a junior membership.

Reserved Seating

I want to sit on Level 2 of the Olympic Stand. What sort of membership should I buy?

Level 2 of each of the Southern and Olympic Stands are considered Premium Seating and as such are reserved for Kennedy and Legends Club members. More information can be found on these packages HERE.


How do I make sure I get seats with my family and friends?

When purchasing Reserved Seating memberships, if you have a specific reserved seat request, we ask that you email your reserved seat request to In your email, please list all of the members that you would like to sit with and any seating preference you have. New seats and seat change requests are allocated at the end of the renewal period and once all of our existing members have had their opportunity to renew. This is done in date received order of the request. Please contact us if you have any queries with regards to the reserved seat request form.


I’m in a wheelchair and require seating. Do you have wheelchair and carer spaces available?

Hawthorn has reserved wheelchair and carer spaces available on a seasonal basis at both the MCG and UTAS Stadium. These are connected to reserved seat membership types. There are spaces available in the Southern and Olympic Stands at the MCG and the Carlton Draught and RACT Stands at UTAS Stadium. Please contact us to reserve a membership and wheelchair bay and carer seat (if required). A second membership for the carer is required. Please refer to Companion Card membership information if this is relevant to you.

General Questions

What is my Membership Number and where do I find it?

Your Membership Number or Account ID is an 8-digit number that starts with either 1 or 2. This is your Hawthorn membership reference and relates to your database record with the Club. This number is found on your membership card and on all correspondence sent to you from the Club.


What are the best contact details for the Membership department?

The Membership department is open Monday – Friday 9am-5pm. We can be contacted on or 1 3000 HAWKS (42957).


How is my Membership Number different to my barcode number?

Your barcode number is on the back of your membership card and is used at all times when you are buying tickets from or contacting Ticketek or Ticketmaster. When contacting the Club you will be asked to provide your Membership Number or Account ID to help us verify your information.


How do I create a MyHawks account and why do I need one?

All members and supporters on the Club’s database already have a MyHawks account. This is created when your details are uploaded onto our database. Your MyHawks account is accessed using your Membership Number and password or your email address and password. Only email addresses that are on our Club database are recognised. It is important to keep your details up to date with us at all times to ensure you can access your account. If you do not know your login details, please contact us. When you login to your MyHawks account you can renew or change your membership, update your payment details for your HawksDirect payments, change your contact details and participate in Club promotions such as Bring a Friend for FREE campaigns.


Why do I receive emails from you but my partner doesn’t? We have the same email address.

Our database does not allow one email address to be added to multiple membership accounts. All members are requested to have an individual email address registered on their database record. If a member does not have their own email address we can link them with another member that does but that member will not receive personal emails from us and will not be able to login to their My Hawks account using the email address. Please contact us to link one member with another.


I’m a Hawks Supporter but not a member. I don’t know if I want to be a member. Where can I find membership information?

All membership package information can be found on There is a very helpful Help Me Choose option that will ask you a series of questions to help identify the right package for you. Alternatively, please contact us and our friendly membership team will help you to select the most appropriate membership package for you.


When will I receive Hawk Talk?

Hawk Talk is sent out twice per year. A season guide will be sent out to you in March and a Yearbook will be sent to you in November. Hawk Talk is sent out as one per household. If you require additional copies, please contact us.


I bought a membership online for a family member and friend but it has come in my name. How has this happened and how can I change it?

It looks like you logged into your own MyHawks account and bought a membership instead of creating a new account for the child. Please contact us and we will fix this up for you. A new account will be created for your family member or friend and a new membership card sent out in their name.


I have a membership and I require a companion to be with me at all times. Do you have Companion memberships available?

The Hawthorn Football Club and the AFL are National affiliates with the Companion Card program and we are committed to providing your companion with a Complimentary membership to enable them to accompany you to games. The membership is in the name of “Companion of (you)”. Please contact us to apply for a Companion membership. Please have the details of the Companion Card handy when you contact us.


I want to buy a membership for a friend. What information do you need from me?

The mandatory fields on our database are name, address, date of birth, email address and mobile telephone number. All of these need to be provided to be able to buy a membership over the phone, online, on match days or at the Club. If the membership is a surprise or gift, the contact details can be those of the person buying the membership (as we send a confirmation email) and after the gift has been given, ask the member to contact us to update the details to their own.

Finals Ticketing

What do the different Priority levels mean?

Priority levels refer to the category of membership you have and it’s weighting for a Grand Final ticket if Hawthorn was to compete. There are three different Categories of Grand Final privilege:

Priority One 'first allocation': Guaranteed ticket if Hawthorn competes with first allocation status upon seat allocation.

Priority One: Guaranteed ticket if Hawthorn competes

Priority Two: Ballot for a ticket if Hawthorn competes.

Each competing team receives 14,000 tickets to a Grand Final and Priority One membership is capped to ensure that ticket availability filters to Priority Two. Your success in the ballot is based on a couple of factors – most importantly, how many members in the categories above you register for a ticket.

If you were wanting the opportunity to receive a Grand Final ticket through your membership, you will require a Priority Two membership as a minimum.

Membership Loyalty

What is the membership Loyalty Program?

Our loyalty program recognises our members’ years of consecutive Club membership. Each year our members receive, as part of their membership package, a personalised membership card and membership scarf or cap. Both of these contain the amount of years that the member has had a consecutive membership with the Club. At certain milestone years a certificate it presented to members and a function is held at the Club for long-term members recognising their loyalty to us.


I couldn’t afford to buy a membership last year but I’m back on board this year and this year I’ve received a one-year scarf. How do I have my years of membership recognised and a new scarf sent out to me?

Our membership manager assesses each of these cases individually. Please contact us via email to


I’m going overseas and won’t need a membership in 2018. What do I do?

To maintain your consecutive years of membership, you need to hold a membership. We offer a range of cost effective membership options to ensure you can keep your membership consecutive.


I have an AFL absentee membership. Why have I received nothing from the Club this year?

An AFL absentee membership is a fee that you pay to the AFL to keep your AFL membership with no games access. It just means you maintain your AFL membership and don’t have to pay an application fee again. The Club receives no form of payment from the AFL for this membership and you therefore no longer have an active Hawthorn Football Club membership. We would encourage you to maintain a different form of Club membership because your consecutive years of membership will revert to one upon re-activation of your AFL Club Support membership.

Financial Incl. HawksDirect

What payment types do you accept for membership?

Over the phone or online membership can be paid via VISA or MasterCard. At the Club and on match days we accept these plus cash, cheque or EFTPOS. Membership application forms are posted to all members (except those on HawksDirect) or can be downloaded via the website and these can be returned to us with credit card details filled out or a cheque attached. We do not recommend sending cash through the mail for payment of your membership.


What is HawksDirect? How do I join and what are the benefits?

HawksDirect is the Club’s membership payment plan option allowing you to pay for your membership in one lump sum instalment or in monthly instalments over 10 months (November - August). HawksDirect means you never need to remember to renew your membership again and your membership will automatically roll over for you each year. If you are a reserved seat holder you never need to worry about having to renew your membership by a cut-off date and if you hold a guaranteed Grand Final ticket membership HawksDirect means you won’t ever lose this privilege.


I’m on HawksDirect. When do I renew my membership?

HawksDirect memberships automatically roll over on November 1 each year – unless this date falls on a weekend. The membership payments will then be processed on the next business day. Members who elect to have their instalments processed monthly will have the fee deducted on the 1st of each month until August 1.


I used to only have one instalment come out per month. Why are there two transactions on my bank statement now?

Please review each membership card that you have received. Were you previously a Family membership and one child is now too old to be on the family? Please contact us with any concerns you may have regarding these payments.


My credit card has expired or I want to change the credit card that I use to pay my membership. What do I do?

Members can log in to their MyHawks account on the membership website and select Update My Details. This will enable you to make the required changes. If you pay for more than one membership you will need to log in to each member’s MyHawks account to update the details. Alternatively, please contact us and one of our membership consultants will be able to update the card details over the phone.


What do I do if I can’t afford to pay for my membership this month?

Please contact us as soon as you can to advise and to set up a new payment date for that month.


How do I cancel my HawksDirect payments?

Members are sent a HawksDirect opt-out form each September giving them the opportunity to cancel their existing HawksDirect arrangement. We will then send you an invoice for the renewal of your membership. If you wish to opt-out of HawksDirect mid-season and are paying in monthly instalments, you can do this by paying the membership outright and requesting an opt-out form to be sent to you. This needs to be filled in and returned to us.

2018 Season Fixture

When will the 2018 AFL Fixture be released?

The 2018 Hawthorn Football Club home and away fixture will be released in October 2017.


How do replacement games work?

With Hawthorn playing four of our allocated 11 home games in Tasmania, the Club will nominate four away games as replacement games for Hawthorn members with this entitlement. All members excluding those below will receive general admission entry only. MCG Home-game reserved seats will not be accessible for these matches.


Do I get access to replacement games?

The following membership types do not include replacement game entitlements:​

  • MCC Hawk (for MCG replacement games)
  • Baby Hawk members

All other 2018 memberships receive general admission entitlements for replacement games.

MCG Reserved Seating members have the option to purchase a Replacement Game Reserved Seating Upgrade for the four replacement games in 2018. Please note that the Replacement Game Reserved Seating Upgrade is not available for General Admission or Tasmanian Reserved Seating members.


How do I gain access to replacement games?

Members with general admission replacement game access can scan their barcode at the turnstiles and access any general admission allocation (subject to capacity).

Alternatively, members with the replacement game reserved seating upgrade can access the ground by scanning their card at the turnstiles and access the replacement game reserved seat located on the reverse of their membership card.


Can I book a reserved seat to a replacement game?

Members without a replacement game reserved seat can upgrade to a reserved seat for any of the four replacement games. Contact Ticketek (132 849 or visit for MCG or Ticketmaster (1300 136 122 or visit to upgrade to a daily reserved seat. For on-sale dates and times at the MCG, visit and for Etihad Stadium, visit Members with access to replacement games will only pay for the reserved seat as admission is covered with the membership. Please make sure you have your 2018 membership card with you when upgrading, to quote your 12-digit membership barcode, which will enable the discounted ticket price.

Replacement game reserved seating members cannot upgrade to a reserved seat with their membership as a reserved seat is already included in their membership.


I'm an MCG reserved seat holder. Do I get access to my season reserved seat?

There is no access to any of the MCG home game reserved seats for replacement games. Members who have purchased the Replacement Game Reserved Seating upgrade will have access to the replacement game seats printed on the reverse of their membership card. All other members have access to general admission entry for these games.


How can I get tickets to interstate games?

The Club has access to a limited number of reserved seats for each interstate venue (except UTAS Stadium). These tickets will be available to Hawthorn members living in the state where the game is being played. Members will be notified of the ticketing process via an interstate booking form which is available to download on, and will also be included in your membership pack.