Reserved Seating

All members with a reserved seat in 2020 will have until 9 December 2020 to renew their current reserved seat for 2021. We cannot guarantee that your current reserved seat will be available to you after this deadline.

If social distancing rules will apply, the club will adopt a flexi seating model to comply with the venue's regulations. This it to ensure that we prioritize the safety of our members first. If this is enforced, the club will send out appropriate communication to eligible members to inform them of the changes. Please ensure your email address is up to date on your membership account so you do not miss any important information from the club.

Please read through our Membership Terms and Conditions for further information.

Level 2 of each of the Southern and Olympic Stands are considered Premium Seating and as such are reserved for Lethal Club, Legends Club and Kennedy Club members.

When purchasing Reserved Seating memberships, if you have a specific reserved seat request, we ask that you email your reserved seat request to In your email, please list all the members that you would like to sit with and any seating preference you have. New seats and seat change requests are allocated at the end of the renewal period once all our existing members have had their opportunity to renew. This is done in the date received order of the request. Please contact us if you have any queries with regards to the reserved seat request form.

Members are encouraged to renew or purchase a 2021 membership and add a seating request as early as possible for the best possible chance at securing desirable seats, however, this can not be guaranteed.

Hawthorn has reserved wheelchair and carer spaces available on a seasonal basis at both the MCG and UTAS Stadium. These are connected to reserved seat membership types. There are spaces available in the Southern and Olympic Stands at the MCG and the Carlton Draught and RACT Stands at UTAS Stadium. Please contact us to reserve a membership and wheelchair bay and carer seat (if required). A second membership for the carer is required. Please refer to Companion Card membership information if this is relevant to you.

The club will start taking 2021 seating requests from September 2020, once we open our membership sales. The earlier you submit your request, the better as we work through requests in date received order. To submit a reserved seat request, you must renew your membership for the 2021 season.

By submitting your request, you are not guaranteed the seats you’ve requested. The club will work hard to fulfil as many requests as possible.

If there are no seats that meet your request, the club will contact to you to discuss different options that are available to you.

Unfortunately, requests do not roll over each season. If you do not receive the seat you wanted, you will need to re-submit a reserved seating request in September the following year for the next season.

You will be able to redeem your reserved seat on the Ticketmaster website. You will be required to enter your 12-digit barcode when making the booking so that you can be allocated into a designated Hawthorn area. This transaction will be free of charge.

Reserved seat areas are for reserved seat members only. If you do wish to sit with non-members, you are able to use General Admission or book into a general public area via Ticketmaster.

You will require the 12-digit barcode number of all the reserved seat members that you would like to be seated with at the home game at Marvel Stadium. Please enter all the barcodes in the same transaction to be allocated seats together.

All reserved seating allocations will be printed on your physical membership card or will be shown on your digital membership card.

When a membership is in high demand and we have reached capacity, you will be allowed to register for a waitlist. You must hold a 2021 membership to join this waitlist, and you will be contacted when we reach your turn.

Any funds paid towards your initial 2021 membership can be put towards your upgraded 2021 membership.

Unfortunately not, as you are in a reserved seating area. Our Bring a Friend for Free benefit allows members to redeem one free general admission ticket to a MCG home game for a friend or family member. Your reserved seat membership will also allow you to access the general admission bays if you would like to sit with your guest for the match.

Please note that Bring a Friend for Free tickets are not able to be upgraded to a reserved seat ticket.

You will require at least a Gold reserved seat membership to access undercover reserved seating (subject to availability). You will need to buy or renew into an eligible membership for 2021 and put in a seating request. Please note that seating requests are allocated on a date received order, therefore, the earlier the better.

Memberships that will give you access to an undercover reserved seat are:

  • Gold Reserved Seat
  • Kennedy Club
  • Legends Club
  • Lethal Club

All babies and toddlers are not required to have a reserved seat membership to access a reserved seat bay with their family members. Babies and toddlers must be under the age of 5 as of 1 January 2021. If your child has reached this age, they will require a junior reserved seat membership to be seated with you.