Replacement Games

As the Hawks play four home games in Tasmania, we provide members with general admission access to four designated away games in Melbourne.

Once the 2021 fixture has been confirmed, we will work towards finalizing our four replacement games. Due to current circumstances, we may announce one replacement game at a time, however, we will keep members informed as quick as possible.

All members have general admission access to these replacement games (subject to capacity). Lethal Club and Legends Club members automatically receive access to redeem reserved seats for replacement games as part of their membership. Other reserved seat members may also purchase the replacement game reserved seating upgrade to their membership. Please contact the membership department on 1 3000 HAWKS (42957) to upgrade your membership.

General admission seating areas will be released during the week of the game. General admission access cannot be guaranteed and is subject to capacity. Members are encouraged to upgrade their general admission to reserved seating via the ticketing agency if they would like to guarantee access to the designated replacement game.

No, the club will cover the cost of both the reserved seat and the transaction fee.

Yes. You have been given access to an exclusive area for replacement game reserved seat holders.

Replacement game reserved seats will vary from game to game; however, this will be on either Level 1 or 4 for MCG games and Level 1 or 3 for Marvel Stadium games.

You can only redeem a seat for other members if they too have a replacement game reserved seat included in their membership. To redeem seats together, you will need the barcode numbers of all members.

No, there are deadlines to redeem your reserved seat. You will only have until 5pm, the Monday prior to each game to redeem your seat (subject to change). If you do not reserve your seat by this cut-off date, you will not receive your complimentary seat for this match and will be required to pay an additional fee.

No, unfortunately guest passes are not available as these areas are exclusive to Hawthorn reserved seat members only.

Yes. The barcode on your membership card will remain active and you will be able to scan into the stadium and access General Admission seating (subject to capacity).

If you redeem or upgrade to a reserved seat through the ticketing agent, you will be given a ticket with a new barcode. You must use this ticket to enter the venue as the barcode on your membership card will become inactive for this match. However, if you choose not to book your reserved seat through the ticketing agent, your membership card will remain active and you can scan into the stadium as a General Admission patron (subject to capacity). However, you will not have access to your exclusive home game reserved seating area.

To book a wheelchair spot and accessible seating, please contact Ticketek for MCG games on 1300 665 915 and Ticketmaster for our Marvel Stadium game on 1300 446 925.

You would have received a carer membership card with a unique 12-digit barcode. Use this barcode to secure a reserved seat for your carer.

Similar to MCG Home games, reserved seat areas are utilised by reserved seat members. Non-member or General Admission member bookings will not be available in member reserved sections.

No, you will not have access to your reserved seat at replacement games.