Membership Loyalty

Our loyalty program recognises our members’ years of consecutive Club membership. As part of the Member Choice program, eligible members may choose to receive a member loyalty scarf, which will reflect the number of consecutive years they have been a member with the club.

Any member who does not renew their membership will lose their consecutive years of membership with Hawthorn FC. A member may apply to have their consecutive years reinstated when renewing their membership for the following year, however, a $35 lapse fee will be incurred. This is not guaranteed, and the final decision will be made by Hawthorn FC management.

If approved, please note that we will not add the year that you have missed to your tally. The consecutive years will reflect the number of years that you held a membership with the club.

Please note that this lapse fee is only applicable when you have missed one year of membership.

To maintain your consecutive years of membership, you need to hold a membership. We offer a range of cost-effective membership options to ensure you can keep your membership consecutive. Please contact the membership department on 1 3000 HAWKS (42957) to discuss your options.

An AFL absentee membership is a fee that you pay to the AFL to keep your AFL membership with no games access. It just means you maintain your AFL membership and don’t have to pay an application fee again. The Club receives no form of payment from the AFL for this membership and therefore, you no longer have an active Hawthorn Football Club membership. We would encourage you to maintain a different form of Club membership because your consecutive years of membership will revert to one upon re-activation of your AFL Club Support membership.

Please call the membership department on 1 3000 HAWKS (42957) to discuss this.

We have a great range of membership options available for members to renew into. If your current package is no longer suitable, please contact the membership team on 1 3000 HAWKS (42957), and we will be able to provide some recommendations.

All members will be recognized when they hit different milestones with the club. Our 10, 20 and 30 years members will be sent a certificate in the mail. All 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 and 90 year members are invited to an annual loyalty function and they will also receive a certificate and a key ring.

The number on your member scarf reflects the consecutive years of membership with the club. Therefore, if your membership had lapsed for a season and renewed at a later stage, your membership will go back to one year.

In the instance that you have missed renewing for one year but would like to renew the following year, we can review this and charge a lapse fee in order to retain your consecutive years of membership with the club. Please note that this lapse fee can only be applied once per account and only when one year of membership has been missed.