General Questions

Your Membership Number or Account ID is an 8-digit number that starts with either 1 or 2. This is your Hawthorn membership reference and relates to your database record with the Club. This number is found on your membership card and can be found on correspondence that is sent from the membership department.

The Membership department may assist you via phone or email. Please call the team on 1 3000 HAWKS (42957) between 10am and 4pm, Monday to Friday. Otherwise, please send an email to

Your barcode number is the 12-digit number located on the back of your membership card and is used at all times when you are buying tickets from or contacting Ticketek or Ticketmaster. When contacting the Club, you will be asked to provide your Membership Number or Account ID to help us verify your information.

All members and supporters on the Club’s database already have a MyHawks account. This is created when your details are uploaded onto our database. Your MyHawks account is accessed using your email address and password. Only email addresses that are on our Club database are recognised. It is important to keep your details up to date with us at all times to ensure you can access your account. If you do not know your login details, please contact us. When you login to your MyHawks account you can renew or change your membership, update your payment details for your HawksDirect payments, change your contact details and participate in club promotions such as Bring a Friend for Free campaigns, Seat Return etc.

Our database does not allow one email address to be added to multiple membership accounts. All members are requested to have an individual email address registered on their database record. If a member does not have their own email address, we can link them with another member that does but that member will not receive personal emails from us and will not be able to login to their My Hawks account using the email address. Please contact us to link one member with another or to add another email address.

All membership package information can be found on Alternatively, please contact us on 1 3000 HAWKS (42957) and our friendly membership team will help you to select the most appropriate membership package for you.

It looks like you logged into your own MyHawks account and bought a membership instead of creating a new account for the new member. Please contact us and we will fix this up for you.

The Hawthorn Football Club and the AFL are National affiliates with the Companion Card program, and we are committed to providing your companion with a Complimentary membership to enable them to accompany you to games. The membership is in the name of “Companion of (you)”. Please contact us to apply for a Companion membership. Please have the details of the Companion Card ready when you contact us.

The mandatory fields on our database are name, address, date of birth, email address and mobile telephone number. All of these need to be provided to be able to buy a membership over the phone, online, on match days or at the Club. If the membership is a surprise or gift, the contact details can be those of the person buying the membership (as we send a confirmation email) and after the gift has been given, ask the member to contact us to update the details to their own.

You will be able to scan your membership card upon entry into Marvel Stadium. You may also upgrade to book a reserved seat through Ticketmaster.

Hawks members are eligible for a Bring a Friend for Free ticket to ONE MCG home game of their choice. The ticket must be organised before the relevant cut-off date for each game. This can be organised through your MyHawks account, sending an email to and calling 1 3000 HAWKS (42957). Please note that this free ticket provides general admission access ONLY and cannot be upgraded to a reserved seat.

This could be due to many reasons such as:

  • Using the wrong barcode number
  • Your barcode might be blocked if you are too many payments behind
  • You have used all your game entitlements
  • You do not have any entitlements for that specific game

Please call the membership department on 1 3000 HAWKS (42957) to speak to a membership consultant.

You will be able to redeem your reserved seat on the Ticketmaster website. You will be required to enter your 12-digit barcode number when making the booking so that you can be allocated into a designated Hawthorn area. This transaction will be free of charge.

The password refers to either your 12-digit membership barcode or a unique promotional code to access a member pre-sale.

When redeeming a free ticket as part of your membership entitlements, you will be required to enter your 12-digit membership barcode. This can be found on your 2021 physical or digital membership card.

Some of our matches will allow our members to gain early access to tickets through a member pre-sale. If a pre-sale is available for a match, the club will send eligible members correspondence with this information and the promotional code to be used.

The number on your member scarf reflects the consecutive years of membership with the club. Therefore, if your membership had lapsed for a season and renewed at a later stage, your membership will go back to one year.

In the instance that you have missed renewing for one year but would like to renew the following year, we can review this and charge a lapse fee in order to retain your consecutive years of membership with the club. Please note that this lapse fee can only be applied once per account and only when one year of membership has been missed.

The general admission bays are different for each match and will not be confirmed until the week of the match. These bays are generally on Levels 1 or 4, however, they are subject to capacity.

If you would like to guarantee your entry to a match, we highly encourage members to upgrade to a reserved seat ticket using their membership barcode. Please note that your general admission access will be discounted of the total price of the upgrade.

According to AFL guidelines, all juniors must be under the age of 15 as of 1 January 2021. If your junior has reached this age, they will be invoiced for a separate membership which is most applicable. To discuss this further, please call the membership team on 1 3000 HAWKS (42957) during business hours.