Finals Ticketing

Grand Final Priority levels refer to the category of membership you have and it’s weighting for a Grand Final ticket if Hawthorn was to compete. There are three different Categories of Grand Final privilege:

Priority One 'first allocation' (Lethal Club and Legends Club): Guaranteed ticket if Hawthorn competes with first allocation status upon seat allocation.

Priority One (Kennedy Club, Gold, Interstate Gold, Tassie Gold and Dunstall Club Gold): Guaranteed ticket if Hawthorn competes.

Priority Two (Silver Reserved Seat, Dunstall Club, Interstate Silver and MCC Hawk): Ballot for a ticket if Hawthorn competes.

If you were wanting the opportunity to receive a Grand Final ticket through your membership, you will require a Priority Two membership as a minimum.

Yes, all members will have access to Weeks 1-3 of the Finals Series if Hawthorn competes. You will be required to enter your barcode when making these bookings during the member pre-sale period. These tickets will need to be purchased through the relevant ticketing agency Ticketek or Ticketmaster.

If Hawthorn qualifies to play finals, members are encouraged to be prepared with their barcode number prior to the member on-sale date. Finals matches are quick to sell out and the club cannot obtain tickets if a member fails to secure this through the designated ticketing agency.

Please note that all memberships payments must be up to date for access to finals ticketing. If your payments are in arrears, your membership barcode will be blocked.

Members with Priority One (First Allocation), Priority One and Priority Two entitlements will have access to purchasing a Grand Final ticket should Hawthorn compete. Priority One (First Allocation) and Priority One members are guaranteed access to a ticket, whereas, Priority Two members will have access to register in a ballot.

Priority One (First Allocation) - Lethal Club and Legends Club

Priority One - Kennedy Club, Gold Reserved Seat, Interstate Gold, Dunstall Club Gold and Tassie Gold

Priority Two - Silver Reserved Seat, Interstate Silver, Dunstall Club and MCC Hawk

All members with Grand Final access will receive relevant communication with ticketing dates and further information. Please ensure your email address is up to date on your membership account so that you do not miss any important details.

Priority One (First Allocation) members will be given priority when allocating seats to the Grand Final. Once all these members have their tickets allocated, Priority One members will be allocated after. Both groups are still guaranteed access to purchase their ticket.

We will send eligible Priority Two members further information regarding the Grand Final ballot. Eligible members will have to register themselves in the ballot using their 12-digit barcode number, and if successful, their nominated credit card will be charged when their seat is allocated.

Members are only allowed to register for one ticket per barcode. No guest tickets are available for Grand Final ticketing.