Dunstall Club

To reserve your seat for each home game at the MCG, you will need to visit and select the relevant match. This process will open for all MCG home games at 9am Monday 24 February.

To reserve your seat, you need to enter the 12-digit membership barcode located on your 2020 membership card/s. Dunstall Club members will be charged a ticket booking fee per barcode to have their seat allocated and guests will be required to pay the full cost of the seat. Ticket booking fees are $2.90 for MCG games and $3.15 for Marvel Stadium, however guests will be required to pay a nominated cost. Transaction fees will apply per transaction.

You will be allocated a reserved seat ticket through Ticketek which you will need to use to gain access to the MCG. Once you have been allocated a seat, your membership card will not scan into the ground.

Bookings that require accessible seating cannot be done via the ticketing agency websites. Should you require a wheelchair space, accessible seat or carer’s seat in the Dunstall Club area, please contact the Ticketek accessible seating line for MCG games on:

1300 665 915 or Ticketmaster for our Marvel Stadium game on: 1300 446 925

Yes, you can. Booking through Ticketek or Ticketmaster secures your seat for a match, however members do have the option to walk up on game day. Seating in the Dunstall Club bays on level 1 is strictly subject to capacity.

The club will communicate with members in the weeks leading up to the match to advise if Dunstall Club members are encouraged to pre-book their tickets.

Seating is subject to capacity. To ensure that you have a seat in the Dunstall Club area, you are encouraged to pre-book to avoid disappointment. Your membership card will also provide you with General Admission access.

In recent years, Hawthorn has experienced significant decline in Silver Membership. Research has suggested several reasons why members are turning away from Silver;

  • Members show rate is poor, leading to member experiences and atmosphere
  • Reserved seat holders cannot bring guests into seating area
  • Promotions such as Bring a Friend for Free are irrelevant for seat holders

If you pre-book your seats through the ticketing agent, you will be able purchase up to 4 additional guest passes that includes admission to the ground. If you choose the walk-up option on match-day you will be able to purchase a guest ticket from the Hawks Club Hub. Please note the guest pass from the Hawks Club Hub does not include admission and your guest will need to purchase a general admission ticket from the box office. Guest passes purchased at the club hub are subject to capacity.

Yes. You can purchase a guest ticket from the Hawks Club Hub on match-day that does not include admission. Alternatively, you can give the membership department a call on 13000 HAWKS (42957) prior to the game to book a guest ticket.

The seats for each match are allocated by the ticketing agent and are allocated on a bay-by-bay basis. You cannot request a specific seat within this section through the ticketing agent. Where your seat is located will depend on where the ticketing agent are allocating at the time, so we cannot guarantee the same seat will be allocated.

This is a Hawthorn member’s area, however, as Dunstall Club members have the provision to purchase guest passes for each match, there may be opposition supporters in this area.

You don’t have to sit in the Dunstall Club section for each home game. You can choose to use your membership as general admission and scan through the turnstile on a match-day.

Bay M3 has been assigned as the dry bay in the Dunstall Club area.

Dunstall Club only provides you with Home and Replacement game entitlements.

Yes, if you have a Dunstall Club Gold membership, you will receive Priority One access to a Grand Final Ticket. If you have a Dunstall Club membership, you will receive Priority Two access to a Grand Final ticket. Priority Two access means that members must register to go into the ballot for a Grand Final ticket.

Reserving your seat online allows you to choose your seat and guarantees your entry. If you decide to show up to the match without pre-booking a ticket, you can walk up into our Dunstall Club bay, however this will be subject to availability.

If you chose to walk up on match-day and the Dunstall Club bays are full, you will have access to the Public General Admission bays.

You receive general admission access to replacement games.